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Jonathan Walters attended Texas A&M University obtaining a degree in Agronomy and a minor in Horticulture. After graduation Jonathan had the opportunity to travel out to California where he fell in love with the West Coast wine regions. He knew this was the place to fulfill his dream of working in the wine industry. Jonathan along with Kevin Mims brought the opportunity to purchase a vineyard in California to Mike and Kate Mims. Within a few months, his dream had come true and Jonathan was working in the vineyard preparing for his first harvest. Jonathan is now in charge of all the day to day activities including hiring labor, developing spray patterns, harvest, and wine-making. Along with these duties, Jonathan was elected to be apart of the Lake County Wine Grape  Commission Board and the Lake County Winery Association Board. Jonathan was married in 2011 to Rebecka Walters and they plan on continuing the family legacy.